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Silver Linings


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Last month, I went on a date, a Valentine’s date. I took myself to the AMC, bought an aisle seat, kicked off my Luccheses, and curled up in all the red pleather luxury my $6 dollars at midday could desire. And, despite my solitary seat and all the couples scattered about, I didn’t feel isolated at all. Five hundred miles away, an infinitesimal fraction of the universe away, my boyfriend was at a theater, sinking into a chair, smelling the popcorn in all its buttery and salty glory, and watching the same previews as me.

He lives in Michigan, I live in Virginia. Although the holiday of romance could have been a sore subject and a disappointment, it was instead an inspiring and uplifting experience.

We took in Silver Linings Playbook. The story, actors, and atmosphere of the movie were incredible. They reached down deep into the heart and shifted my perspective. I’ve been talking people ears off ever since. Talking about the movie, talking about what it means. More important than those, however, I’ve been talking about my own silver linings, about what they mean to me. My boyfriend moved home last August while his father battled cancer, a brave and admirable decision, leaving behind his job, his post-graduate network, and me. It forced us to examine our relationship, trim the bits that couldn’t survive, and approach the distance and infrequent visits with strength and creativity. We chose to make the most of our time together as well as our time apart.

Silver linings like that Valentine’s date, redefine life. They reveal the potential behind conflict and provide inspiration for creating value from pain or frustration.

Even this business has its roots in silver linings. Corporate provided us with very strict parameters for text, visuals, and copyrights on our company websites. Kristina and I realized that we had to work outside the box if we wanted to create for others the kind of community that inspired us. The result was, a website that might not have been conceived had the box been slightly larger. Our limits ended up being the platform for our creativity and a more developed vision.

You always have a choice when it comes to perspective and response. The healthy decisions come from within through inspiration and practice. Shawn Achor (The Happiness Advantage) shows that “when you write down a list of ‘three good things’ that happened [each] day […] this trains the brain to become more skilled at noticing and focusing on possibilities for personal and professional growth, and seizing opportunities to act on them.” So whether or not you have seen Silver Linings Playbook, try incorporating this practice into your daily game plan. Find your silver linings and see how open and creative your world becomes. (To see examples, check out Kristina’s 3 on twitter each day! @countful)

With hope and intent,

MaryLyle Jeanes

Building a Legacy

We are building a team of 1,000 people making $1,000 a week. The goal is simple and powerful. To be a part of this journey you must wake up with an open mind, a creative spirit, and a generous soul. This site is our vehicle and our voice, but we begin our legacy with you. Let us show you what we have learned!

A legacy is an impact that lives on to inspire future generations and grows beyond the creativity of its origin. To achieve something of this magnitude, there must be a strong, dynamic purpose that fuels the development of a community where the project can take root and flourish. We want everyone to live Countful lives. That simple truth is our purpose. Our legacy project is to build a community where financial freedom and health go hand in hand, where inspiration and excitement for our daily lives are a reality, and where individuals are given the space to cultivate and pursue their own purpose and legacy.

As in any solid, diverse community, we come from varied backgrounds: one in undergraduate psychology and behavioral therapy, and the other a degree in art history followed by a lifetime of serial entrepreneurship. What unites us is a love of thoughtful, creative work. Our separate experiences make our collaboration more powerful by providing the depth and breadth of knowledge necessary for solid growth and change. We want to work with grads and students burdened with debt, servicemen who’ve served our country and are now having a hard time making a living wage, athletes who want a way to support their passion, and anyone and everyone else looking for another stream of income. We look forward to adding your experiences to our collective wisdom and enthusiasm!

In essence, Countful is a creative exploration of financial concepts that either limit or enhance the quality of our lives. We embrace capitalism, network marketing, and progressive thought, not necessarily in that order. We are both of the mind that handouts don’t work, that knowledge does, and the more the better. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

A 2010 study by Princeton identified $75,000 per year as the income that buys happiness. Less than that amount and life is filled with the stress of managing bills. Above that amount, material things become superfluous in terms of happiness; but above $75,000 a year, curiosity motivates us because we have the space to pursue our dreams beyond the constraints of finances. That space, those dreams, they are the stuff of happiness. Our legacy, our purpose, is to take you there and beyond.

In this business, as in life, the more we do for others, the more successful we are. Teamwork, collaboration, brainstorming, and fun are the keywords for our businesses. Your unique talents and experience will be a welcomed addition to our legacy, and we will serve as guides and collaborators along the way. Enjoy your Countful experience!

-Kristina & MaryLyle