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This famous first family of civil rights and economic justice said “No” to every network marketing company except this one. Contact us to find out the company they said “Yes!” to and why.


This famous athlete and politician said “Yes!” to the network marketing company we are associates with. Contact us to find out the company he said “Yes!” to and why.


“I’m a tremendous believer in network marketing and I’m a great believer in entrepreneurs. I think all the future jobs in the next 20 or 30 years will be created by network marketing entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs in the world starting off from scratch or starting very small and making a difference in the world.” Sir Richard Branson


about countful

1. What is Countful?

Countful is a simple system for a smart network marketing business that gives you the time and money to do what you love and live where you want.

2. What kind of business is this?

A network marketing business with an award-winning direct sales company.

3. What IS a network marketing business?

A subscription-based referral business using leverage to create a sustainable income that will pay you over and over.

4. How does it work?

It’s Simple Smart & Lucrative. Shoot us an email so we can get into specifics.

But for now know that there are three paths: you educate entrepreneurs about starting a specific network marketing business; or you refer customers to fantastic products from a direct sales company. Or you do both

5. How is this business unique?

The system is simple, smart, and lucrative. In our business the smallest team making the most money wins because it’s about EVERYONE making money not just a few. It is about leveraging and growing as a team and a community to have a positive impact on the greatest number of people in their financial and personal lives.

6. What is the name of the direct sales company and why isn’t it used on this site?

We’re excited to be able to tell you the rest of the story. Most people are not familiar with the simple financial concepts explained here, we weren’t. So, we want to have an opportunity to educate you about our awesome business and, perhaps, yours, without preconceptions getting in the way. When you leave your contact information below we’ll be delighted to introduce you to the network marketing company we represent.

7. Why are there TED talks, music videos, and kickstarter campaigns on Countful?

Countful is as much about lifestyle as it is about income and money. We want you to be inspired and have fun on this site and in life. Please feel free to contribute and videos or campaigns or other inspirations you want to share with the world.

  We build personal businesses and global communities that count

explore the why

Learn a simple and smart business system that will give you the time and money to do what you love and live where you want.

“…vision with action can change the world.”
-Nelson Mandela

explore the how



a subscription based business



leveraged income



earn over and over and over

explore the what

We think differently about network marketing! We know that it should be simple and smart – subscribe, refer, and earn your way to meeting your financial goals – whatever they are!!!

explore what counts about us

Time counts

We VALUE our TIME and yours, TOO!!!


– think that making money should be simple.

– like the saying “doing well by doing good.”

– are a connector and your passion is sharing.

– think it’s cool that one US company has earned more metals in Sochi than any country.

– love turning normal on its head.

– are not afraid to admit that you want to be rich.

– know it can be done by helping others do the same.

– always turn lemons into lemonade.

– love to lead.

– welcome learning from failure.

– love to ask questions and listen more than you love to talk.


– don’t know two people who need or want more money.

– have an attitude about the Network Marketing industry.

– don’t care about other people.

– don’t know that all success in life comes from selling.

– have a negative attitude … about anything.

– worry a lot about what others think of you.

– think selling is about pitching and not about filling needs.

– are looking for a job and not a business.

– like to make things more complicated than they are.


For Everyone:

a business that is scalable, leveraged, and sustainable


the gamechangers who motivate us

think Different!


turn simple into a Movement!

ted talks

Ideas worth spreading.


Keep exploring.


Be different. Be awesome!

join us

and be the awesomeness

If you wake up with an open mind, a creative spirit, and a generous soul we’d love to hear from you.

Learn the story, learn the qualifications for joining our team, and learn how to pay it forward.
Kristina & Mary Lyle

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Kristina Thorpe

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